Brazil’s President Orders A Stop On Covid-19 Updates In The Country.


The Ministry of health in Brazil has said that the President Jair Bolsonaro has ordered to stop releasing its total coronavirus cases and death and to wipe out its cloud data.

Brazil is currently one of the worlds most affected countries with more deaths than Italy and more cases than the UK and Russia which makes it come second after the United States. According worldmeter, the nation is accounting for 691,962 cases with about 37,312 deaths, and recent reports shows over 302k recoveries.

The resolution has attracted criticism from both medical practitioners and the general public.

According to the President, death is the destination of the of all mankind, and the coronavirus was just a little flu. He said the data being released is manipulated and not corresponding to the actual happening.

The countries public health is generally considered to be in a bad shape right now: currently, the acting Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello is a general in the army with absolutely no health related knowledge or experience and has also appointed other military officers into various roles. The Secretary of Science, Technology and Strategic Supplies, Carlos Wizard is a billionaire businessman with no health experience.

According to their claim, “there are many people dying for other causes and having the tag of covid-19 all in a bid to get a higher allocation for individual towns and states.”

The present concern of the Health experts is the following difficulty to being able to manage the pandemic as new cases rise from place to place. Already some states are reopening its economic activities slowly.


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