#BlackLivesMatter: South Korea Partakes In George Flyod Protests.


Dozens of protesters gathered in the South Korean capital of Seoul to condemn police brutality in the US and demand justice for Floyd’s death.

Announcing a joint statement in front of the downtown US Embassy, members of human rights groups and other participants also called for South Korea’s government to make a statement against the “racial discrimination and state violence” of its ally.

They said South Korea should also address its own problems with racial discrimination and urged the government to push for an anti-discrimination law, which had been resisted by conservatives and church groups for years, to improve the lives of migrant workers, undocumented foreigners and other minorities.

South Korea Floyd

“As the US civil society empowered and stood in solidarity with Korean pro-democracy activists in the past, we will now stand in solidarity with citizens in the United States,” said activist Lee Sang-hyun, referring to South Koreans’ bloody struggles against military dictatorships that ruled the country until the late 1980s.

“In remembering George Floyd, we also wish to eliminate discrimination in South Korea’s society,” Lee said, reading out a statement.


Source: Aljazeera

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