BELL And TELUS Set To Work With Ericsson And Nokia On 5G Deployment.


Bell and Telus are two top Canada’s Telecommunication companies.

Earlier this week, Bell Canada announced it would be using Ericsson’s radio access network {RAN} for its nationwide 5G wireless network. Both companies did work together on Bell’s 4G LTE network.

Telus has also mentioned Ericsson and Nokia as its 5G partners.

Although Huawei is a key supplier of the 4G and 5G hardware, however, right now the North Americans seem to be in no mood to extend a hand of fellowship with the Chinese telecoms giant.

Huawei has in the past supplied 4G LTE equipment to Bell and Telus, and had been working with Bell on long distance cellular coverage technology using massive MIMO to deliver wireless broadband services.

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