Belgian Prince Tests Positive To COVID-19 After Attending House Party In Spain.


Young Prince Joachim of Belgium has tested positive to the coronavirus after attending a house party that violated the lock-down rules in Spain. It is reported that the Prince has shown responsibility in apologizing for not taking heed to the lock-down rules to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

Prince Joachim who is 28 years old and 10th in line to the throne left for Spain from his country on the 24th of May, he moved from Madrid to Cordoba by train where he met with his Spanish girlfriend who is a graduate of law and went feasting which according to local reports was in a house with about 27 persons in attendance as opposed to the 15 person limit pronounced by the Spanish government.

According to reports, the matter is on investigation to know the actual number of persons present in the house party as there are some contrary statements that not more than 15 persons were present at the party. If the government social distancing regulations is found to have been bridged, the Prince and other offenders may face a fine of not less than ten thousand Euros.


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