Another Landslide Disaster kills 14 People In China


A landslide disaster in the mountainous regions of Tongren city, China has left at least 14 people dead or missing over the past day, burying houses and causing scenic areas to temporarily shut.

A report gather that 156 people have been relocated, and six who were trapped had to be rescued after the incident.

Chinese authorities said 19 houses were buried and 60 others damaged.

Aerial footage showed a vast swathe of greenery replaced by mud.

Various parts of China have been hit by continuous downpours since June, with the damage adding pressure to a domestic economy already hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Another landslide in the early hours of Wednesday in central Hubei province buried 5 houses and 9 villagers killing 8 people.

Chinese authorities reported that at least 120 people have died or gone missing this year in China from flood-related disasters as of July 3, adding that the direct economic losses amount to some 41.6 billion yuan ($5.9 billion).

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