Andrzej Duda Emerges Winner In Poland Presidential Election


Polish seating President, Andrzej Duda emerged as winner on Monday in Poland just concluded presidential election in which he narrowly won a second five-year term.

Andrzej Duda celebrated the win in what was seen as a mandate for him and the right-wing ruling party that backs him, Law and Justice, to continue on a path that has reduced poverty but raised concerns that democracy is under threat.

Andrzej Duda told his supporters in Odrzywol, Warsaw. “If anyone is offended by my words, please forgive me. And give me the chance to improve in the next five years.”

acknowledging the campaign he ran was often too harsh as he appealed for unity and forgiveness.

according to final results Monday from the state electoral commission, Andrzej Duda received 51.03% of Sunday’s vote which amounted to over 10 million votes, while Trzaskowski got 48.97%.

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