Amazing Home-Made Respirator By Somali Engineer Offers Hope For Covid19 Treatment.


A young mechanical engineer from Somalia, Mohamed Adawe by name has invented a local respirator for his people in Somalia as the country falls backwards in providing the necessary equipment to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the report, the young engineer who is 21 years old said that there was a pressing need for his invention as the nations medical practitioners before now have had to assist patients breathing by manually pumping the equipment which is highly hazardous as it demands for close contacts with the patients, but with the invention of this automated device, a healthier way of helping the patients breathing has been developed as the equipment can be fixed to the patients face and moved far away from them and promote social distancing between the patients and the doctors.

This genius act of Mohamed is believed to be able save lives both of that of the patients and of the health administrators.



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