All he brings to the table is just sxx, I’m bored with them – Erica blasts Kiddwaya


Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ housemate, Erica, appears to have completely ended her romance with fellow housemate, Kiddwaya.


In a discussion with Trikytee and Prince, Erica blasted Kiddwaya, saying all he brings to the table is sex. She said she is already bored and deserves more.


She said,

Have a nice life. After all I had to say, he had nothing to say. That’s disrespectful. I’m tired of all the sex talk, I want more. Few options make him feel like he can do what he wants, like a spoiled brat. I’m bored, …I’m bored with all the s** talks Kiddwaya brings. I’m bored. I’m bored. All he talks about is ‘I want to kiss you…kiss your neck…have s** with you. I’m bored. …Okay, he actually feels he can do anything he wants. I don’t have to accept it. I have accepted a lot of rubbish things from him. I know what I deserve. I’m bored with all the s** talks.” No message is a message so i have gotten the message, i’m not stupid, i know i deserve more.. outside this house, i want him, he doesn’t want me but life goes on. Right now i am all about my career.

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