Admist COVID-19, China Reports Brucellosis outbreak; 3,245 people test positive


Admist the coronavirus outbreak, China now has another infectious disease outbreak in the northwest region as reported by the authorities on Tuesday.


According to international media reports, the Health Commission of Lanzhou of the capital city of Gansu province has 3,245 confirmed cases of brucellosis infection caused due to the leak in the biopharmaceutical factory.


While no deaths have been reported due to the brucella bacteria infection, a further 1 401 have also tested for early signs of the disease but authorities have denied transmission through people can be proven.


This bacterial disease is caused by consuming unpasteurized milk or undercooked meat from an animal infected with the brucella bacteria. Brucellosis is also known as the Mediterranean fever which causes symptoms like profuse sweating and joint & muscle pain among other things.

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