ABDUCTED: ‘It was a case of mistaken identity’, freed radio presenter says


Chinenye Iwuoha, the abducted Federal Radio of Nigeria (FRCN), Umuahia, Pacesetter FM presenter, who was freed three days ago, says that she was not the target of her abductors.

The radio presenter was released after being held hostage by her armed captors for 72 hours.

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Speaking after her release, Chinenye speculated that she wasn’t the intended target of her abductors, saying that they might have mistaken her for the wife of her General Manager.

“I don’t think I was the primary target of the kidnappers. I think that it is a case of mistaken identity because they thought I was the man’s (GM’s) wife,” Chinenye said, narrating her ordeal at the hands of the kidnappers who had held her hostage for hours, demanding a N20 million ransom for her freedom.

“It was like they were told that the man (GM) and the wife were returning from somewhere. So, they now picked me who they assumed to be the GM’s wife, thinking that the husband will come for her. At the end of the day, they discovered that I was not the man’s wife.”

The On-Air-Personality said she was returning from work Monday night and, on getting very close to Amakanma Estate, a car hit theirs and they thought it was an accident until it happened the second time.

“It was when they hit the second time and brought out guns that we knew that it was no longer child’s play. They shot our driver and as I tried to open the other door, it was locked and, before you knew it, they had already blocked the entire doors.

“They dragged and put me inside their car and drove off in what became a long journey. After going through the bushes, I was kept in a house.

“I learnt that they demanded N20 million, but when they dropped me off they said that my brother didn’t give them anything.”

Chinenye, excited at regaining her freedom, disclosed that her abductors dropped her off on Wednesday night at a village she identified as Abayi (Owuahia) in Obingwa local government area, where her relations came to pick her the following morning.

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